Francis Toromade

Francis Toromade (MBA, MAM (Italy), FCIM (UK), FCIA, fnim, AMNIM, arpa) is a seasoned Agribusiness expert, consultant and analyst with more than two decades experience in leading and managing marketing, sales, procurement, research, training and development, and financial management in the livestock sub-sector in Nigeria and West Africa. Francis worked as General Manager, Sales and Marketing, for thirteen years at Amo Byng Nig. Ltd: one of Nigeria’s leading producers and distributors of high-quality feed concentrates and finished feeds where he led business strategy development and grew sales revenue by more than 1,400%, expanded the business credit facilities, and distribution network across Nigeria and West Africa. He was General Manager, Sales and Marketing at Tuns Int’l holdings, where he led marketing and helped to boost distribution network and sales volume by more than 50% in one year. He was Marketing Consultant for the Poultry Association of Nigeria and the Lagos All Farmers Association where he advised the Associations on value chain development, and developing strategies for market expansion, distribution networks, and growing sales revenue. He recently retired as, Group Head, Policy and Strategy at Amo Byng Nig. Ltd; Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Ltd and Diversay Solutions Ltd where he advises the Managing Director and Executive Management Team on Strategic Marketing, Sales Development, Product and Business Development and Financial Management. Francis is a consummate administrator, manager, researcher, analyst, trainer, consultant and adviser on agribusiness and, through the years, has developed a solid understanding of the agriculture sector and the business environment including regulations, in Nigeria and across West Africa where he built a network and footprint that makes him a much sought-after Agribusiness expert and professional. He is well travelled and has participated in and facilitated several national, regional and international conferences and training programs on agribusiness, leadership, management, strategic marketing and sales. He is a beneficiary of some of the leading high-value courses and training programs on Agribusiness including at Harvard Business, EAE Business, and Lagos Business School; Nigeria’s premier business training school. Francis is an enthusiastic follower, analyst and commentator on Agribusiness in Nigeria and mentors young graduates, entrepreneurs and professionals in order to grow and support the evolution of the next generation of experts for the industry. Francis holds an MBA in International Business Management from Nigeria’s Lagos State University and a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Marketing from the Ibadan Polytechnic, one of Nigeria’s premier polytechnics. He is an active member of several professional associations in Administration, Management and Marketing, in Nigeria and outside. Francis is a hardworking, team player with an eye for details; an energetic go-getter who pursues deadlines and targets with a contagious passion. He loves new challenges and never shies away from opportunities to learn new things and grow. He currently facilitates in Lagos Business and Rome Business School; and he is the Director of Marketing / Head of Faculty, MBA programmes in Rome Business School, Nigeria.