Poultry Production Training


Apply for this 3-Day Training facilitated by the Soy Excellence Center, Nigeria. This course is designed for stakeholders across the Poultry value chain by experts from the Kansas State University, United States of America in collaboration with the Premier Agribusiness Academy (the Centre Lead)

Training Covers the following courses;

  1. Fundamentals of poultry production and management
  2. Poultry value Chain overview
  3. Record keeping, economics and marketing in poultry
  4. Hatchery and brooding management
  5. Layer production and management
  6. Broiler production and management
  7. Heat stress mitigation in poultry
  8. Poultry nutrition
  9. Biosecurity in poultry

Date: 21st – 25th Feb, 2021

Venue: Conference Center IITA, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Tuition Fee: 200,000 (75% discount for first 25 applicant )

To apply, visit

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