We tend to judge others by their behaviors and ourselves by our intentions.

  • Albert F Schlieder


Examine your belief system on a daily basis and you might just be surprised how much you are your own problem. A rigid belief system if not paid attention to can be limiting. We are advised not to be rigid as everything can be opposite of everything.

We should assess our daily, weekly and monthly work plans regularly and see how these conflict with our belief system regarding time, people, events, roles and so on.

We’ve heard people say things like they must have a minimum of 8-hours sleep to be in good shape or they don’t like being told what to do. If you have one of these beliefs or similar ones, you must carefully examine them to ensure it doesn’t limit your progress. You must be sure that you are not building a wall around yourself by the rigidity of your belief system. Some of our beliefs only reinforce our die-hard attitude, some of which may only help us defeat the very purpose of our existence.


It is only when we are able to exceed our rigid interpretations, and we start defining love in its totality, that we realize that love is everywhere.

  • Julian Pencilliah

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