Food for thought 31/08/2020

The one battle most people lose is the battle over the fear of failure
Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. It could be either positive or negative. When you see it positively, you Face Everything And Rise but when you see it negatively, you Forget Everything And Run.
Robert Schuller gives six principles for managing a situation with minimum amount of failure:
Don’t underestimate your problem: We fail to solve problems positively because we often underestimate the importance of the problem or our potential power to cope with it creatively. Most of the problems we face today, either in the workplace or in the family, have been or are being faced by millions of people worldwide. What you need is a positive mental attitude to turn these problems into creative experiences.
Don’t exaggerate: Do not exaggerate the intensity or extensity of the problem. If it is a small or big problem, deal with it as such, do not dramatize the situation. It will lead to fear and failure.
Don’t wait: Patience is not a virtue if you sit back and wait for your problem to solve itself. If you are unemployed, don’t expect a miracle, for example a phone to ring inviting you for interview when you have not applied for the job. Remember you alone are personally responsible for managing your problem physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Don’t expect anybody else to do it for you.
Mitigate your loss: Don’t make your problem worse by aggravating it with self-pity, jealousy, cynicism, hatred, anger or lack of positive faith in failure.
Communicate: You’ve got to tell people your problem. In the workplace, your supervisor will be happy to help you if you ask for it. Arrogance will only weaken your chances of success.
Dedication: Most people fail, not because they lack intelligence, ability, opportunity or talent, but because they lack dedication. To be chosen as a star among stars needs dedication on your part to stand out of the crowd. Doors only open to the enthusiastic first.
For you to be considered dedicated to any assignment means that you have to be deadly committed.

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