Hire character, train skill – Peter Schutz
Finding the right person for the right job is one of the most important managerial functions to avoid Previously Unidentified Recruitment Error. In most organizations the responsibility of interviewing and selecting staff are usually entrusted into the hands of committee members. Interviewing people for a job is not an easy task, it is a skill. Without the skill, interviewer and members of the selection committee will simply lose good people. In spite of the importance of this skill, many managers do not recognize that interviewing is an essential managerial skill.
Many interviewers are not good enough in recognizing talents either when reviewing candidates CVs or when personally talking to prospective employees. Selection is only the tip of the iceberg. It is the last stage in the long and expensive process of staffing the organization. Deciding the type of person you don’t want is just as important as deciding the type of person you want. It is this vital decision of choosing among the stars that is the most difficult and the most vital in organizational well-being.
Guides to successful interviewing and staff selection:
I. Read carefully the CV and application form to be able to visualize the true worth of the applicants
II. Work out in advance what questions to ask the applicant
III. Define the job and profile of the process.
IV. Communicate your requirements internally and / or externally
V. Measure applicants against the job and not against each other
VI. During interview, relax the atmosphere, get the candidate talking and listen to pointers. Probe with open-ended questions, challenge answers where necessary.
VII. Be aware of the image of your organization and project it.

Always remember that you are interviewing your future associates, subordinates and even likely supervisors. The first impression counts. Also remember that any mistake in hiring a wrong person is tantamount to poor investment in bonds.
People with talents will be lucky. People who work hard will become successful and people with talent who work hard will become great.

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