A true leader has confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions and the compassion to listen to the needs of others

  • Douglas MacArthur


Leadership is not about title. It is not about seniority. It is not about status, and it is not about management. Leadership is about power and the ability to know when and how to use it to influence the people around you to do and become more. Transformational leadership is about using your actions to elevate others and put them on their path to greatness.

A leader’s duty to others is usually heavy. It may involve social, security or moral duties. Those he leads look up to him for many things. The leader must have exemplary talents to lead, teach, reward, punish, protect, pardon, coach, sponsor, and yet maintain his sanity.

Successful leadership of people is based on carefully developed code of conduct for those in the leadership position. Consider the following:

  • Leaders must attach value to high standards of performance and have no tolerance for the uncommitted.
  • Leaders must expect continual improvement in their subordinates based on new knowledge and experiences.
  • Leaders should never misuse power.
  • Leaders must not favour themselves over their subordinates no matter the situation.
  • Leaders must encourage healthy competition.
  • Leaders must understand that the spirit of the law is greater than its letter.
  • Leaders must provide direction to their subordinates, never letting them wander helplessly.
  • A good leader is one that leads by their actions and not by their words.
  • Leaders should not say one thing and do another.

Finally, leaders must accept to be bound by the traditions of the office they assume and follow the established rules/regulations under which their subordinates are judged, rewarded, and punished.


Leadership experts and the public alike extol the virtues of transformational leaders, those who set out bold objectives and take risks to change the world. We tend to downplay transactional leader, whose goals are more modest as mere managers

  • Joseph Nye

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