Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thoughts
– John F Kennedy
Professional dogmatism is one disease that hinders team work among scientists and management experts. Organizations spend huge sums of money in the recruitment of experts. When you put experts in one room as a team, what you have are different individuals with their own views which they are not willing to compromise.
One medical officer once said proudly during a meeting that he cannot buy the views of his colleagues. When asked why, he replied, “Where did they study medicine? He did medicine in Cambridge, UK and they have nothing to tell him.” In the mind of this expert, those who studied medicine in other universities do not have expertise he has. With this kind of attitude, how do you expect anything good to come out of the meeting?
Dogmatism is the greatest of mental obstacles to human happiness. It is the wholesome of spirit and spreads its roots in the fertile soil of uncertainty. It is by far the best fall- back defense, the most impregnable castle that ignorance can find. It’s also a dead give- away that the person doesn’t know why he believes what he believes.
Dogmatism is thus the dogmatic procedure of pure reason without previous criticism of its own power and in opposing this procedure, we must not be supposed to lend any countenance to that loquacious shallowness which arrogates to itself the name of popularity.
Today’s thought re-emphasizes the importance of team work as the sine qua non to productive efficiency and effectiveness. The value of teamwork is embedded in the greater common good that results.
Once the greater good is seen to take precedence over individual need, the team begins to drive itself towards the objectives pre-set.
Many of our most serious conflicts are conflicts within ourselves. Those who suppose their judgments are always consistent are ineffective or dogmatic
– John Rawls

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