Learn to relax. Your body is precious as it houses your mind and spirit. Inner peace begins with a relaxed body.

  • Norman Vincent Peale


When the body is weak due to work pressure, expect say one is likely to suffer from heart attack.  Heart attack is non-communicable disease, usually suffered by white collar executives. One author gives the following ten ways to get heart attack.


  • You never entrust others with responsibility. Always do everything yourself.
  • You never turn down an appointment. Always say “Yes, of course “
  • You take your work home with you when you leave the office.
  • You put your work first and personal needs second.
  • You always work overtime- evenings, Saturdays Sundays and weekends.
  • You convince yourself it’s folly to make use of leisure time you are entitled to.
  • You accept all invitations to meetings, working luncheons, committees.
  • You never relax at meal time. You are fond of using the occasion to discuss important plans
  • You always consider outings, relaxing, refreshing etc as a waste of both time and money.
  • If your work demands travel, you try to work during the day and travel at night.


In whatever you do, remember the secret of happiness: make the most of what comes and the least of what goes, and you will be happy.



Those who do not rest, end up being laid to rest

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