Mr. Tormade Francis



The moment you accept responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you gain the power to change anything in life.

  • Hai Elrod


Life is more than just living. Statistics of life expectancy are bad enough to frighten a lot of people, especially inhabitants of environments with low quality of life. And no wonder the prospect of growing older fills us with dismay.


Life, especially our working life, is not a limited or wasted resource. If anyone feels that way, there must be something wrong. Life is made up of accumulation of treasures, such as human intellectual property which is inheritable, things we have done and saw the results; people we have mentioned, and so on. Every new experience we underwent, every new friends we make, every new truth we learn, and every new knowledge we acquire, have made us richer than when we came to this world and while still here. All these events in our life put together, make life a limitless resource


People often evaluates their progress on the basis of current progress indicators. They get frustrated for not getting this or that like the Joneses next door. Many people fail to look back to see where they started, where they are going. This is the spice of life. Our lives are not the products of today’s development. Life is a history and it evolves with alternating waves of pessimism and optimism. But in the final analysis, life is worth living. We just have to make the best out of it.


Progress in the workplace cannot be based on a “first come first serve” restaurant practices. Lack of progress or minimal progress in the workplace is neither a curse nor a sign of worthless life. It is possible that one enjoys good health or has children who are very successful in their studies while in the work front, he has recorded little progress. When you add and subtract gains and losses in life, there is always a credit balance.



Life is not something that has meaning- it’s something we give meaning to. You don’t ‘end up’ with a meaningful life, you create it.

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