A great employee is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have
Tammy Cohen
What you expect from people under your supervision may be different from what I expect from my people. It is, therefore, difficult to say categorically and on behalf of all bosses what they expect from their staff. However, extensive review of literature shows that there are certain essentials that every boss wants to see from his/her staff. It is also important to state that employees who have made steady progress in their workplace, have been those who give the bosses what they want. The following checklist are provided to guide both the supervisors and the supervisees:
New ideas: Every supervisor is ready to pay a high price to keep employees with good, new and innovative ideas that can be translated into profits for the company.
Acceptance of responsibilities: Every supervisor will appreciate staff’s willingness to accept additional responsibility
Progress on the job: Supervisors appreciate employees who try to make progress on the job. An inch from where they started when they joined the organization, is a good sign of progress.
Follow procedures: The basic demand of any job is that the employees follow instructions and policies laid down to guide them. If you don’t follow instructions, your supervisor will not find you a worthy associate.
Discipline: Your behavior, in and outside the company, may have a bearing on how you are rated. Your personal finance, family, dressing, time keeping and management, and so on, determine how disciplined you are. And this in turn will determine whether your supervisor should rely on you.
Growth possibilities: An employee’s progress is undoubtedly of interest to supervisors, and they will support their employee’s promotion to higher management level. Therefore, growth potential is another element managers want from their staff.
Good staff are rare jewels and they enhance the success of the manager and boost the progress of the company.
Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results
– George Patton

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