We won’t  be distracted by comparison if we are captivated by purpose


A feeling of relative deprivation arises when people begin to compare themselves with those who receive much more than they do. People have the tendency to question other people’s progress in the organization, They object to others receiving higher wages than they do. Because they think others are getting more for no good reason, they feel relatively deprived. Therefore, we postulate here that it is not what an individual gets for his job that causes conflict; rather it is what an individual gets relative to others that determine the degree of rebelliousness in the workplace.

People tend to measure their success and failure by comparing themselves with “the guy next door”. “If him, why not me” is the negative thought that breeds workplace conflict. No matter how fairly management distributes the scare resources, (income, responsibility, and so on) people will still be unhappy, as long as one person gets lower than the other.

 The fact is employees seem to have a universal concern for fairness that transcends the self. Therefore we must make sure everybody in the organization has great opportunities, a meaningful impact and is contributing to the good of the organisation


You can put an extra effort in comparison to others in your workplace when your work and your passion are same. Therefore choose your passion as your work

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