Not all who aspire to high level management positions are motivated to manage.

Some people are appointed direct to high management position – political appointees or diplomatic appointees. They are the class of “generals” who have not moved through the rank and file, and who have not mastered the basics of the organization. This class of managers are not usually interested in managing people and work. They are usually interested in the prestige of the position, including the big pay package attached to the post. They expect to gain great satisfaction from the income and prestige associated with executive positions.

Needless to blame them. They cannot do otherwise. It is bad management to bring anyone straight from outside to leadership position in an organization he or she does not know. The best they can do is “shoulder-rubbing” and “big-talk”. These managers are usually in a pathetic position which cannot be imagined. It is a good thing that our homes, cars, clothes cover our frailties. If it were possible to get to the minds of these managers, we will know that the organization has done them a bad service.

It is dishonorable to govern your elders or superiors. You cannot supervise those who know better than you do. If you have no competitive edge over your subordinates, they will not respect you.

Those who are motivated to manage are this evening who have worked hard to attain the leadership role, as a result of both adequate education and experience. They are the effective leaders with the zest of creation and the excitement of meeting challenging goals.

Power, like money, is most important when you don’t have enough

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