Life has no limitations except the ones you make
– Les Brown
Human-league management style is on our doorstep. As the global village gets smaller and smaller, and workforce becomes transnational, and still more as the global interdependence in resources and ideas becomes dependable, executives all over the world will no longer think colour, race, and religion as the basis for employment.

Human-league management style is a composition of workforce in which competence is the only basis for being a member of the group. The U.N agencies are close to attainment of human-league management style. Here effort is being made to have competent people from all nationalities. Colour or race does not make things happen. It’s human beings, carefully selected, that can make things happen. Good people can be found in all territories and households. It is the duty of the executives to make extra efforts to find these good people.

Football clubs are leading other industries in human-league management style. Several Africans are currently playing for European football teams. Colour is no longer a deciding factor. It is the skill and the ability to transform the skill to “goals” that decide. This is a good sign and perhaps an example to be copied by executives who are still under the influence of traditional bigotry.
Please note that it is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change
Blessed are the curious for they will have adventures

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