Bad coaches make their students dependent. Good coaches make themselves redundant.
– Paul Strikwerda
Those who have lived with the feeling of job insecurity or who have counselled individuals declared redundant or met with the spouses and children of those who recently lost their jobs will understand the pains and agony of redundancy. It’s not something to look forward to.
The demise of the “job for life” of yesteryears is making workers restless. Traditionally, once an employee does a good job, backed up with commitment and loyalty to the organization, he was impliedly or expressly guaranteed a job for life. He can then plan for his family and career development.
Loss of employment calls for a total structural social adjustment. One not only loses a job, but integrity, career progress, salary, esteem and sometimes pride. Losing a job puts the redundant person in a very difficult situation. How is he going to convince prospective employers that his loss of job was not due to inefficiency?
One aspect of redundancy management which people often ignore is that the agony of the staff declared redundant is also shared by the company and the personnel managing the situation. You don’t have to be inefficient to be declared redundant. Even the executive’s friends can be affected in times of serious economic downturn. Management are not always happy with the redundancy, after all organizations have responsibilities towards the staff and society. No organization will lay off staff for joy of it.
The person who is equally affected by redundancy, although not at equal level as the staff laid –off, is the personnel officer. As you speak to a staff member or sign a termination letter for anyone, you cannot afford to feel pains through empathy. It is even more painful to sign a letter of termination to your ‘enemy’ than to your friend. Your friend may understand that you are doing your work, but your enemy will feel that the management decision is yours.
The effect of job insecurity and redundancy on people goes beyond the immediate loss of income. It gives rise to distrust of people and organization. Some will resort into moonlighting as a security measure. There is the tendency to develop a more cautious commitment to new employers. A lack of commitment and hard work may lead to redundancy.
People change and things go wrong but just remember life goes on.
– Mac Miller

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