Achieving excellence is more a journey than a destination


In reality, excellence is aspired by everyone. It has neither frontiers nor limits. To every height attained or feat achieved, there’s always more to be done.

While on the quest for excellence, the process involves recognising that improvement is always possible. As managers/employers/employees, a good appraisal report can be used as an indication of attainment of excellence. But then, we shouldn’t settle at the shores of meagre achievements and should aspire for more.

To be excellent, a high level of commitment, self-denial and selfless contribution is required. It calls for continuous training and re-training, practice and the ability to turn failures to progressive advantage. It also requires self-motivation where necessary.


For you to aspire to be excellent, you must be inspired before you can acquire.

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  • Charles ugwu April 3, 2020 @ 4:24 pm

    Though the average human would confere the tag excellence to outputs, they are more of derivatives and markers of quality of some supposedly high standard’s of performance. They are not the ends in themselves but measures of progress towards ends. Such markers have space and time dimensions as what would have been adjudged to represent excellence a few years back or in another geographical space, could be roundly mediocre now or in another space. The first step in locating excellence therefore would be in defining excellence to mean those sparks, deliveries of high standards accross mutually supportive markers of performance that are pointers to the attainment of desired goals.

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