Success does not happen by accident, neither is failure
    The old saying that gold cannot be found on the surface of the earth is true. One needs to dig deeper and deeper before discovering gold. To succeed in anything, one needs to do more than the bare minimum. To fail, one needs to fail to do less than the bare minimum. A person who is likely to succeed has “success –type personality characteristics and a person who is likely to fail has “failure – type personality characteristics.
    The ingredients of success- type personality is contained in the letters of the word “success itself. A candidate for success usually demonstrates the following qualities:
    S = Sense of direction
    U = Understanding of one’s role in the organization or group
    C = Credible
    C = Courage to tackle difficult issues and change what he can
    E = Esteem for self and others
    S = Self-actualizing attitude
    S = Skilled in his/her profession
    By the same token, the basis for failure is contained in the word “failure” itself. A candidate for failure usually demonstrates the following personality characteristics:
    F = Frustration – unrealistic emotional feelings always
    A = Aggressiveness – sufficient to hinder l’espirit de corps
    I = Insecurity – fear is the enemy of success
    L = Loneliness – due to self- inflicted isolation
    U = Uncertainty – due to floating character and attitude
    R = Resentment – bitter feeling against self and others
    E = Emptiness – no worthwhile goal to pursue
    The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination
    Tommy Lasorda

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